CT pre-contrast T1 post-gad T2

Diagnosis: Grade 4 oligodendroglioma.

Oligodendrogliomas are neoplasms of oligodendrocytes and represent up to 10% of all CNS tumors of glial origin. They tend to present in young adults and are rare in children. The most common location is the frontal lobe and they often involve the cortex. Most are low grade and 90% will have calcification on CT. They have mixed signal on MR and usually enhance heterogeneously.

A large meningioma arising from the sphenoid ridge may resemble this. However, a meningioma on non-con CT would probably have higher attenuation. Astrocytoma is a possibility, but they usually do not calcify. A single metastasis of this size would be unusual but still a possibility. Oligodendroglioma may be suggested by the location of the tumor, the presence of calcium, the age of the patient, and the lack of a neoplasm elsewhere. This patient's tumor had been subtotally resected in the past. Related Cases

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