Neck CT with contrast

Diagnosis: Submandibular abscess

Inflammation in the submandibular space may be divided into cellulitis or frank abscess. Etiologies for submandibular inflammation include dental infection, infection of the submandibular gland itself, or infected lymph nodes. The submandibular space is located superior to the hyoid and inferior & lateral to the mylohoid muscles. There is no fascial plane between the posterior submandibular space and the inferior parapharyngeal space (PPS) hence the fullness of the left PPS seen here. The submandibular space contains the superficial submandibular gland, submental and submandibular lymph nodes, the anterior belly of the digastric, fat, a portion of the hypoglossal nerve and the facial artery and vein. The general differential diagnosis of submandibular space lesions includes adenopathy, abscess, submandibular gland tumor, cyst of the second branchial cleft, cystic hygroma and lipoma among others. This patient is status post removal of two molar teeth and subsequently returned with a submandibular space abscess which was drained at surgery. Related Cases

Dodds B, Maniglia AJ. Peritonsillar and neck abscesses in the pediatric age group. Laryngoscope Sep 1988; 98(9):p956-9.

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