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Diagnosis: Aspergillis discitis

Adult disc space infections begin in the subchondral bone and spread to the disc. Children have a vascularized disc space permitting the infection to begin there. Adult cases are often related to diabetes, other immunocompromise or IV drugs. Patients present with LBP and constitutional symptoms. Myelopathy is a late complication due to epidural abscess formation. Plain film findings usually consist of disc space narrowing with loss of the vertebral end plates. MR may show an epidural/prevertebral soft tissue mass with enhancement of the disc space and adjacent vertebral bodies. Aspergillis is a fungus and an increasingly common cause of granulomatous disc space infection. It is indistinguishable on MR from tuberculous spondylitis. The apparent epicenter of this process is in the disc space, and involves both adjacent vertebral bodies. This makes disc space infection much more likely than malignancy. Related Cases

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